Peter Hilton is leading Typesafe’s Fast Track to Play with Scala at Mejsla on 24-25 Sep 2013.
More information soon.

Peter Hilton is a senior developer and Operations Director at Lunatech Research. Peter works on web application architecture, design and construction, with technical project management. His interests include JVM web application frameworks, agile software development process and practices, and web-based collaboration.

Since 2010, Peter has been a committer on the Play framework open-source project. Peter is currently writing the book Play for Scala for Manning Publications, with co-authors and Lunatech colleagues Erik Bakker and Francisco Canedo. In 2012, Peter presented Play at several conferences – Jfokus (Sweden), Geecon (Poland), GOTO Amsterdam, JAX London, Topconf (Estonia) and Øredev (Sweden). In previous years, Peter has presented at JavaZone (Norway), JFall (the Netherlands) and Devoxx (Belgium).

Together with colleagues at Lunatech, Peter is currently using Play to build web applications and web services for enterprise customers in the Netherlands and France.