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Invitation to Join our Study Group

Mejsla’s Lars Westergren invites you to join him in a study group about Functional Programming Principles in Scala. Please read his invitation below.
Best regards from us at Mejsla

Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Coursera has started another session of one of their most popular and highest rated courses – Functional Programming Principles in Scala. Not only that, this year it is the first course in a ”specialization”, a collection of courses that you can pay for and get an official grade from the university hosting the courses.

At Mejsla several of us have taken the first course previously. This year I have signed up for the specialization so I have formed an informal study group which will run over all 5 sub-courses. To start with it is just a mailing list with no study-circle like meetups planned, but if members want to have meetings for more in-depth discussions after work this can be arranged at Mejsla’s office, participation is of course voluntary. In the mailing list we can share thoughts and assignment tip, all within the Coursera Honor code bounds of course. We are currently only two people in the study group, but two more on the way once the second course starts. We’ll speak and write in English.

Lars Westergren

Note that this is not a good program to learn the basics of Scala, some familiarity with the syntax is expected even from the first course. I think it is not too late to sign up to the first course, but week 1 assignment is due on Monday and at least one of the assignment tasks can be a bit tricky so if you want 100% score over the course expect to spend maybe one day over the coming weekend on the lectures and assignment.

The dates are suggested dates, you can enroll in other sessions.

The courses are

  1. Functional Programming Principles in Scala (June 6 – July 25)
  2. Functional Program Design in Scala (August 1 – September 5)
  3. Parallel programming (August 15 – September 19)
  4. Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark (First session date TBA)
  5. Functional Programming in Scala Capstone (like a smaller ”exjobb”. First date TBA)

Regards, Lars


(It's no longer possible to register for this activity)

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